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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ah Ma Birthday Celebration

We celebrated Ah Mah birthday at 美食之家 at Tanjong Pagar yesterday。 Happy Birthday Ah Ma!

黄金年华 semi-final singing competition

We attended 婆婆 黄金年华 semi-final singing competition last saturday at Medicorp. Didnt bring Jayden along because toddlers are not allow to enter the theater as it is a live recording show. So mummy, daddy, ah mah & hubby brother in-law & gf & our relatives all went to support Por Por。 婆婆加油!!

Look at the crowd!

Jaelyn @ 5 months+ & Jayden in his army outfit

Jaelyn dressed up & getting ready for our morning dim sum. First time wearing skirt! Isnt she sweet!! = )

My dear boy dressed up in his army outfit!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jayden @ School

Klaudia trying to comb my hair after our topic on comb.

Climbing slowly down the bridge

Finally I managed to conquered the bridge

Enjoying the water play

Making Stick puppet by myself

Art working seriously with Kaizer

Making Jam sandwich spread

Enjoying my jam sandwich spread

Art & Craft - Feathery coaster (1st step)

Feathery coaster (2nd step)

Plating our green beans. 1st Step - Place tissues into the cup

2nd Step - Scoop the beans into the cup

3rd Step - Water the beans

Show & Tell - My turn to speak

This is a carrot...

Jaelyn @ 4 months +

Latest photo taken at Ah Ma house. Seems like our lil Jaelyn has slim down as compare to few months back.